Feast Your Eyes on Healthy Foods This Thanksgiving

Get ready to carve the turkey and feast on some delicious morsels this holiday. Even if you take in too many calories, you can rest assured that the eye-healthy nutrients found in a traditional Thanksgiving feast will be more than worth it. Carrots and sweet potatoes are full of Vitamin A. Make sure you get […]

Nutrients Essential for Eye Health Often Overlooked by Baby Boomers

Results of the “Eye of the Boomer” survey released by the Ocular Nutrition Society indicate that “Baby Boomers” don’t always realize the importance of proper eye care. Of 1,000 men and women surveyed between the ages of 45 and 66, 78% of them stated that vision loss was a primary health concern. However, nearly half […]

Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month

November is Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month! Prevent Blindness America wants to educate the public about diabetes and how it effects vision through its new campaign called “Live Right, Save Sight!” The message is simple: Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in the United States for those 20 years of age and older. Maintaining […]