EVO / ICL Testimonials

“I have worn glasses since first grade. It is the day after surgery and I am 20/20, it is amazing. I enjoyed everything throughout this process, every single person I encountered was kind and nice. They made me feel really comfortable at every step and it really brought my anxiety down. Dr Hood explained everything to me at my first consultation and he was spot on. This was a very good experience, it was a well oiled machine and that took the fear out of it for me. This is completely life changing, I am so excited to visit water parks and do outdoor activities without contacts!”

– Rebecca C., ICL patient

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Joe Jonas Discusses His Positive EVO ICL Experience​

Joe Jonas used to accept the daily hassle of poor vision. With EVO ICL, he can now experience life without glasses and contacts. Don’t settle, choose EVO ICL. Upgrade your vision with Dr. Kerry Solomon. Contact (843) 620-2020 to learn more about EVO ICL today!