RLE / PRK Testimonials

PRK Patient

“We work out a lot and swim and run and bike, and it’s just a pain having to deal with glasses… Everyone was super sweet, it’s a great facility. I was about to reach over and put my glasses on and then I realized I don’t need those anymore. They said I had 20/20 vision already, and it’s just been one day. Don’t be afraid of the PRK procedure.”

– Lee G., PRK patient

RLE Patient

“Originally I went to see Dr. Solomon hoping that Lasik surgery would make it possible to play golf without my glasses. I wore bifocals and when I took my address position the ball was right on the line in my bifocal lens which created distortion. I mishit many shots. After being examined I was told I was not a candidate for Lasik, but a procedure called Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) could fix my problem. After hearing a thorough explanation from Dr. Solomon on the RLE procedure, I elected to have it done. The results were amazing and immediate!!! I can now play golf without any glasses and I am shooting lower scores, thanks to Dr. Solomon and his team.”

– Matt P., Retired Regional Vice President of Homebuilding Operations and founder of Sheryl Sirisky Prisby Scholarship for gynecological cancers at MUSC and RLE Patient

*Individual results may vary.