A Blurry Baby Bump

Aside from the obvious physical changes that occur during pregnancy, women experience some more subtle changes too that, on the surface, can leave them wondering, “What does this have to do with pregnancy?” Blurry vision and dry, irritated eyes are common pregnancy symptoms caused by those pesky pregnancy hormones that, according to WhatToExpect.com, decrease the production of tears, making the eyes dry and irritated. Those some hormones may cause fluid buildup in the eyes (a bit like those swollen ankles), resulting in a change to the eye’s curvature and the blurry vision. That change in the eye’s shape could make wearing contact lenses more difficult, so glasses may be a good option during pregnancy. Women who have diabetes or glaucoma should consult with their eye doctor, particularly if they are taking glaucoma medication, according to babycenter.com. It’s also recommended to wait on getting new glasses or contacts while pregnant if your vision is going through a temporary change. The same goes for LASIK surgery – best to wait a few months after giving birth to avoid overcorrection. Have you experienced any vision changes while pregnant? Did your eyes go back to normal quickly after giving birth (well, aside from the blurriness brought on by lack of sleep!)?  

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