Eye Color Is a Complicated Decision

If you have blue eyes, your children are likely to have blue eyes, right? Well, not necessarily. Your eye color is a fairly complicated process that is determined by the amount and type of pigments in the eye’s iris and it’s impacted by a number of different genes. Caucasian babies are born with unpigmented eyes. They may look blue but often change color over time. Brown is actually the most common eye color, and green in the least common (but more common in women). It’s also possible that your eye color may change due to environmental factors such as puberty, pregnancy and eye trauma. Plenty of myths and old wives tales believe eye color is tied to love or personality. Some think people with brown eyes are more loving (remember that song “Brown-Eyed Girl?”), while those with green or unusual eye colors are seen as mysterious. Really, it all boils down to personal preference – you may simply favor blue eyes over brown. Just for fun, you can take this quiz to determine your “real eye color.” Let us know what you find out. Would you change your eye color? Are you happy with the one you were given?

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