Real Patient Story: Finding the Right Cataract Surgeon

Choosing an eye surgeon is a huge decision that many have to make as they develop vision loss due to cataracts. Lots of patients look to those surrounding them for any advice on who to trust. Luckily for cataract patient, Maureen D., her friend of 30 years was there to help guide her. Maureen had a trusted eye doctor in New York, but the frequent travel wasn’t ideal. “When I decided to have my cataract surgery I would have to be up there for close to a month between the two eyes. I said maybe I should see if I could find someone down here.” Her longtime friend recommended Dr. Solomon and as Maureen put it, “Dr. Solomon solved it all.”

Maureen was pleased with her experience with Dr. Solomon and his staff. She described Dr. Solomon as a “pleasant person, nice and easy person”. She went on to say, “The staff and the office are fantastic, so it is a win-win situation.” But of course, the most exciting part for Maureen was the drastic change in her vision after cataract surgery.

Maureen described a lifetime of vision problems, starting way before she developed cataracts. “I couldn’t see since I was 9 years old without glasses. I refused to wear them til I was about 20 years old, when my then to be husband took me to a fine restaurant. I had to use the ladies room, and I couldn’t find my way back to the table…I heard his voice and he said, ‘Now, please put your glasses on.’ And I have been wearing them ever since.”

Not only was Dr. Solomon able to remove Maureen’s cataracts, but he was also able to correct her vision through the use of advanced technology lenses that she chose. Maureen was amazed at how quick each procedure was even with the extra steps taken to correct her astigmatism. She noticed her results almost immediately after surgery. “I left his office and we went to the restaurant to eat and ‘I’m fine!’ No glasses, no anything!”

Maureen is grateful to have a friend who was able to introduce her to Dr. Solomon and his team. She wanted to share her story to help others find Dr. Solomon. “He is the best of the best,” she said. “That is all I can say, he is the best. And I am very happy. I would recommend him highly to anyone.”

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