Eyes on Toy Safety This Holiday Season

Tis the season for snow, and gift-giving. Children everywhere are getting ready for the holidays, and their wish lists keep getting longer. However, your child may not always keep safety in mind when thinking about the perfect toy. In 2010, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported more than 250,000 toy-related injuries in the United States. Most of these were children under the age of 15. It’s easy for your child to get lost in the joy of having a brand new toy, but there are many things to consider while holiday shopping this year. The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends five toy-buying tips to protect your child’s eyes:

  1. Do not purchase toys with sharp points or edges.
  2. Always supervise your child with handling potentionally-dangerous playthings.
  3. Ensure your child always wears protective eyewear when playing sports.
  4. Always follow age-recommendation guidelines.
  5. Keep big-kid toys away from small children.

From Carolina Eyecare Physicians, have a safe and satisfying holiday season!

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