25 Reasons for Better Vision with LASIK – Part 2

This December, we’re celebrating 25 Days of Better Vision at Dr. Kerry Solomon’s LASIK Center in Charleston, SC. To help celebrate the incredible LASIK savings we’re offering, we also wanted to bring you some of our favorite reasons for pursuing LASIK, many inspired by testimonials and reviews from our actual patients. Part two of our list is below… and if you missed part 1, just click here to catch up!

  1. Be more spontaneous. With glasses and contacts, it’s not always possible to jump in without hesitation–whether we’re talking about an impromptu road trip, or literally jumping in to the pool or ocean. But after LASIK, you can be ready for adventure any time!
  2. Goodbye to lost glasses and contacts. There are few things worse than fumbling in the dark for a pair of misplaced glasses, or searching the dirty floor for a dropped contact lens. After LASIK, those moments will all be in the past.
  3. Save money in the long term. LASIK is an investment that can really pay off in the long term. When you consider the cost of glasses, contacts lenses, contact solutions, and prescription sunglasses over the course of your lifetime, a one-time investment in LASIK can actually save you money. Even better, we strive to make that one-time investment as painless as possible by offering financing options to patients who qualify.
  4. Confidence. Whether it’s because they they perform better without glasses and contacts, or because they just love the way they look and feel without them, many patients experience a boost in confidence in their professional and social lives thanks to LASIK.
  5. Be ready for emergencies. Some patients cite a very practical reason for pursuing LASIK: They want to know they would be able to see clearly in an emergency. Whether it’s packing an evacuation kit for a hurricane, or waking up in the middle of the night to deal with an unexpected situation, clear vision without glasses or contacts are definitely an asset in a stressful situation.
  6. And on a more extreme note… Be prepared for the apocalypse. This one may sound like a joke, but it was serious for Reddit CEO Steve Huffman, who opted to have LASIK to increase his odds of surviving in a major disaster. (At least, we think he was serious… you can decide for yourself.)
  7. Higher satisfaction than contacts. That’s right– a recent three-year study found that patients who underwent LASIK were more satisfied with their vision as compared to contact lens wearers.
  8. Better vision for flying airplanes (or spaceships).  LASIK is now approved for US Air Force pilots, as well as NASA pilots. One of Dr. Solomon’s patients shared his own story of how he expects LASIK to improve his career as a pilot in the Air Force.
  9. Fast results. Many of our LASIK patients are pleasantly surprised at just how quickly they notice the difference in their vision. Most of our patients can read the clock on the wall immediately after surgery, and many drive themselves to their next-day appointment–without glasses or contacts!
  10. Make allergy season just a little bit better. Allergies are no fun no matter what, but itchy eyes plus contact lenses is a recipe for extra discomfort. LASIK can make Charleston’s long allergy season just a little easier to tolerate.
  11. Work out with fewer worries. Whatever your preferred method of staying in shape, we can bet it will be that much easier without glasses and contacts. Whether it’s contacts drying out while running or biking outdoors, or glasses sliding off anytime you work up a sweat, LASIK can make staying fit a little simpler.
  12. Watch T.V. in bed. When it’s time to relax for the night, those with vision problems have to choose between blurry vision or glasses that make it all but impossible to lie down comfortably. With LASIK, your next LASIK binge can be clearer and more comfortable.
  13. FREEDOM. In the end, it all comes down to freedom–the freedom to live the lifestyle you want and see the world more clearly, unhindered by glasses and contacts. So what are you waiting for?

Did we leave something out? Leave us a comment with your top reasons for pursuing LASIK, and then give us a call at 843-732-2020 to start your own LASIK journey with a FREE consult!

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