25 Reasons for Better Vision with LASIK – Part I

This December, we’re celebrating “25 Days of Better Vision” at Dr. Kerry Solomon’s LASIK center in Charleston, South Carolina. This inspired us to look back at some of our patient testimonials, reviews, and blog posts to bring you 25 of our favorite reasons for pursuing LASIK surgery. If you’re ready to start your own LASIK journey, give us a call at 843-732-2020 to take the first step with a FREE consultation.

  1. Healthier eyes. Many contact lens users are no stranger to eye infections, which can result from sleeping in contacts or failing to clean and care for them properly. After LASIK, patients may find that their overall eye health improves along with their vision.
  2. Get up and go. Forget about fumbling for glasses or stopping to put in your contacts. After LASIK, you’ll wake up every morning seeing clearly and ready to start your day.
  3. Cheap sunglasses! You probably know firsthand just how costly prescription sunglasses can get. In fact, one of our patients decided that losing hers at a water park was the last straw, and she decided right then and there to schedule her LASIK consult.
  4. Speaking of water parks… Swimming! Here in Charleston, water-related activities are a common hobby, as well as one of the only ways to stay cool in the summer. Many of our patients are excited that LASIK will make activities like swimming, jet-skiing, surfing, and paddle boarding so much easier.
  5. Pull an all-nighter. Whether it’s for work or play, staying up all night is easier (and healthier for your eyes!) when you don’t have to worry about contacts drying out or irritating your eyes.
  6. Eye makeup. The women out there can probably relate to the frustration of getting eye makeup in your eyes while wearing contacts, and glasses wearers may struggle to find makeup looks that work with their frames. With LASIK, your options will be unlimited!
  7. Sports. Amateur and professional athletes agree that LASIK has improved their performance and eliminated lots of glasses-related hassles.
  8. No more dried out contacts! This one speaks for itself. Any contact lens wearer can relate to this awful feeling, and will surely be glad when they never have to experience it again.
  9. Love the way  you look. We think our patients look great with or without glasses, but we know that many experience a boost of confidence when they get to meet the world without their glasses. (And if you ever do want to throw on some glasses as an accessory after LASIK, you can always find a pair of non-prescription glasses to complete your look!)
  10. Keeping up with your kids We’ve performed LASIK on many parents of young children, who love experiencing playtime without the limitations of glasses or contacts, as well as the confidence of knowing they’re ready to respond to any situation or emergency without having to worry about being able to see.
  11. Forget about fogged glasses. A common complaint here in humid Charleston is the pure frustration of walking outside and having glasses fog up immediately. This is yet another problem that will be just a funny memory after LASIK.
  12. Travel more freely. Travel can be an amazing adventure, but it can also be scary when you find yourself without contacts, like this traveler. Even apart from an emergency like that, other travelers agree that leaving glasses, contacts, contact solution, and the rest off of their packing list is a welcome improvement to their adventurous lives.

Did we leave something out? Leave us a comment with your top reasons for pursuing LASIK, and checkout Part 2 of our list here!

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