Topo-guided LASIK Is Here!

[link pid=”41″]Topography-guided LASIK is finally here, and Charleston, SC, eye surgeon Dr. Kerry Solomon is the only ophthalmologist in the area offering it.
[/link]Most of our LASIK patients will tell you that they couldn’t be happier with their procedure or their results. So would you believe it if I told you [link pid=”41″]LASIK[/link] eye surgery just got better? At our Charleston, SC, practice, we can now offer the first FDA-approved advancement in LASIK in over a decade: topography-guided LASIK. I am proud to say that I was the first ophthalmologist in the country to perform this remarkable procedure after FDA approval.

This technology, branded as Contoura Vision, was approved by the FDA in 2013, and is just now being made commercially available. I was fortunate enough to have been selected to perform and evaluate topo-guided LASIK before it was made commercially available and have been using this technology since August 2015. Although I’ve had the training and technology for a while now, I am excited that I can finally promote this truly superior option to my patients.

Topography has been used to guide ophthalmic surgery for some years now, but the technology has improved to the point that we can map and reshape the cornea with amazing precision. Essentially, it’s like taking a fingerprint of your cornea, capturing every characteristic so that I can truly customize your LASIK procedure. The outcomes are superior to any other type of LASIK, and the patient satisfaction rate is exceptionally high.

Since ours is currently the only practice in the Lowcountry to offer topo-guided LASIK, we expect there to be a big demand for the procedure, but as always, we will offer fair pricing and specials. Through April 30, 2016, all patients who undergo topo-guided LASIK will receive $600 off ($300 each eye). Click here for more information on current specials.

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