The Benefits of Undergoing LASIK in Winter

[link pid=”41″]Dr. Solomon shares why LASIK patients in Charleston may undergo the treatment in winter.[/link]

With our busy lives, we often put off doing things that will benefit us, even when it’s as simple as scheduling a haircut or taking the car in for a tune up. That goes double for something like [link pid=”41″]LASIK[/link] surgery to correct blurry vision: It becomes easier to continuously put it off, waiting for the “right time.” I’m guilty of it, too!

But when exactly is the right time? Is there a better time than now to make these improvements to ourselves, and make life that much easier? I would argue that winter is actually the perfect time. If you’ve been putting off LASIK or any vision correction treatment, I encourage you to consider doing it this winter season in Charleston, SC, for a number of great reasons:

It’s outdoor living, improved.

Here in Charleston, we have a lot of avid outdoor people. Whether you take advantage of surfing and kayaking in the summer, or you’re taking a vacation for some snowboarding and skiing in the winter, the options are endless. (Take a peek at a few of [link pid=”1204″]our favorite things to experience with new eyesight.[/link]) The results of LASIK will allow you to enjoy cold weather sports and activities without the annoyance of glasses or contact lenses. Glasses in the snow are especially cumbersome underneath bulky skiing or snowboarding goggles!

Beat allergies before they arrive.

For so many, springtime means allergy season. Along with it comes itchy, watery eyes that don’t mix well with contacts, and for some allergy sufferers, it’s just easier to stay inside. Improving vision now can eliminate the need for contacts, so you can enjoy your favorite outdoor activities when the warmer weather arrives.

You’re already staying indoors anyway.

While the recovery time for LASIK is very short, the time spent inside or sleeping during recovery is easier to tolerate during the short, chilly days of winter. You may consider having your surgery around a holiday weekend, for more time off and less stress afterward.

Say goodbye to dry eyes.

Dry eye is a real issue, especially in winter. The symptoms make it more difficult to wear contacts and prevent eye problems at this time. By eliminating the need for contacts and glasses, you can also help to manage dry eye symptoms in winter.

The proof is in the research.

A study reported that patients who undergo LASIK surgery during seasons of dry, cool weather may require fewer follow-up treatments than patients who undergo the study during hot, humid weather. You can read more about this study published in the Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery from The Washington Times.

If you’re in need of a little extra incentive to undergo LASIK this season, look no further. We’re offering a chance to win a discounted treatment. Visit our campaign page to sign up!

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