6 Things to Experience in Charleston After You Have LASIK

Dr. Kerry Solomon, a LASIK surgeon in Charleston, SC, discusses ways to enjoy life with improved vision.

Who doesn’t love walking around Charleston’s cobblestone streets, riding in one of its horse-drawn carriages, visiting its historic district and enjoying the beauty of the local landscape? After LASIK, your vision will give you a new appreciation of the wonderful city we live in without having to rely on contact lenses or prescription eyeglasses. In fact, you’ll find there are many things you want to experience again with your new eyesight, including every day and wonderful experiences such as these:

1. Visit Charleston’s Parks

If you love the sights and sounds of the great outdoors – visiting the woodlands and wetlands of Wannamaker County Park or going on an early morning bird walk at Caw Caw Interpretive Center, for instance – after LASIK, you’ll have a new appreciation of Mother Nature. You’ll be able to see breathtaking scenery all around you, with clear vision unencumbered by glasses or contacts.

2. Have a Neighborhood Barbecue

Invite your neighbors over for a barbecue! After LASIK, you can be poolside or by the grill without worrying about water or smoke messing up your glasses – or a baby knocking them off completely.

3. Watch the Colors of the Sunrise and Sunset

They’re two of the most beautiful sights in nature: sunrises and sunsets. And here in Charleston we have some amazing places you can go to enjoy them, including Sullivan Island, Folly Beach and Waterford Park. Did you know that after LASIK you won’t have to bother with fumbling for glasses or putting in your contacts before you start to enjoy the magnificent colors that spread across the sky at dawn and dusk? Instead, you’ll be able to immediately see the world in a new way full of eye-catching yellow, orange, red and purple colors.

4. Walk Along the Sandy Beaches

Imagine this: After you have LASIK, you’ll be able to go to the beach – we love the endless beaches of the Isle of Palms and the pristine, sandy beaches of Seabrook Island, with its rolling dunes – and not worry about your vision. That means you won’t have to fret about wind drying out your contacts, or your glasses falling off in the ocean – you’ll be able to see everything around you, including dolphins playing in the water!

5. Play Your Favorite Sports Without Distractions

We all know that glasses and contacts don’t mix with sporting and athletic activities. They definitely don’t with contact sports like football, or recreational sports such as tennis and golf. The same goes for running or even participating in a game of beach volleyball. It’s too easy for your contacts to get dislodged and the action and sweat make it hard to keep eye glasses in place. But after LASIK, you’ll be free from these distractions and your new clear vision will let you go all out and have fun.

6. Wake Up to Clear Vision

Do you wish you could open your eyes first thing in the morning and immediately see the faces of your loved ones clearly, with no blurry vision? LASIK can let you do just that. After LASIK, you’ll be able to see the moment you wake up, without having to reach for eyeglasses or contacts. It’s a great way to start the day.

LASIK vision correction offers a permanent solution to common vision problems including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. It’s a quick and safe procedure that improves your vision so you don’t have to rely on contacts or glasses to see well. Want to find out if LASIK is right for you? Come in for a [link pid=”93″]consult[/link] and together we can determine the vision correction that is best for your vision.

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