Frames Just for You

If you have to wear glasses, you can spend a great deal of time selecting a pair of frames. Most people try on several styles before settling on glasses that fit their overall look as well as hairstyle, shape of their face and skin tone. Typically you choose from what’s available in your ophthalmologist’s office or at your local eyewear store. But what if you could design your own frames to fit your face as well as your individual style and personality? Here’s an article from Fast Company magazine highlighting a British designer who makes custom frames. He started in 2001 and set his price at about $10,000. Business is booming – particularly among people with large or small head sizes. According to the article, the company made 36,000 frames in 2009 – triple the amount they made in 2008. The comfort factor aside, it would be great to have a pair of specs unique just to you. Hey, you could channel your inner Lady Gaga. Would you buy custom eyeglasses frames? What features would you want? Of course, you can dump the glasses altogether with LASIK surgery and just show off your beautiful eyes as your best fashion accessory.

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