How to Find a GOOD LASIK Surgeon: Ask About Experience

After narrowing your search by gathering recommendations from family, friends, and eye care professionals, you are ready for the next step. Step 3Ask about EXPERIENCE.  As the old saying goes, “practice makes perfect.”  Well, not “perfect” perhaps, but a LASIK surgeon who has had more opportunity to perfect his or her technique is likely to be more skilled than a surgeon who has had less “practice.”  More skill means better outcomes, and that’s what you want, so ask how many LASIK procedures the surgeon has performed.  The more the better, but the number should be in the thousands. Go ahead…call the offices of the remaining surgeons on your list, and ask how many LASIK procedures each has performed. Check back for steps 4 and 5! In the meantime, why not visit and take a look at Dr. Solomon’s CurriculumVitae (résumé) to learn more about his experience?  

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