How to Find a Good LASIK Surgeon: Ask About Technology

When you took step 3 and asked about experience, we hope you included Dr. Solomon.  If you did, you no doubt discovered that he has performed more than 10,000 LASIK procedures, and it’s information like this that helps to further narrow your search before taking the next step. Step 4Ask about TECHNOLOGY.  Technology is important…so important, in fact, that the better LASIK surgeons heavily invest in new technology on a regular basis.  That investment speaks volumes about their commitment to delivering the best possible LASIK results.  Some surgeons are more comfortable with new technology than others, and some perform more (or less) thorough diagnostic testing and precision measurements than other surgeons before making a recommendation and planning each patient’s LASIK surgery. Did you know that Dr. Solomon performed the first LASIK procedure in the state of South Carolina?  His leadership role in the development of new vision correction technology gives him early access to the latest advances.  His patients often benefit from next-generation technology before it is available elsewhere.  Every LASIK patient receives state-of-the art testing to ensure that they have the best possible outcome. Check back for the fifth and final step! Wouldn’t this be a good time to visit to take the LASIK quiz? 

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