How to Find a GOOD LASIK Surgeon in 5 Easy (But Important!) Steps

It’s not too difficult to find a “good” LASIK surgeon, but these are YOUR eyes…so you should literally set your sights higher, because you should have the best LASIK surgeon you can find. So, how do you go about doing that?  Beat the bushes?  Look under rocks? No, it’s nothing like looking for a needle in a haystack.  LASIK surgeons are not hiding.  It’s simply a matter of selecting the right one, and to do that, you have to ask some questions.  Each of these five steps will bring you are one step closer to getting the best possible LASIK results.   Step 1Talk with your friends and family.  You probably know someone who has had LASIK, so ask them who performed their surgery and whether they would recommend that surgeon.  Were they pleased with the way they were treated by the surgeon and his (or her) staff?  Are they happy with their results? Before you make your decision, check back here, we’ll be posting steps two, three, four and five soon!   Visit to read what actual patients have to say about Dr. Solomon and his team and the results they are enjoying.

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