How to Find A GOOD LASIK Surgeon: The Consultation

If you have followed steps 1 through 4 of our blog posts to narrow your selection, your list no doubt includes the “cream of the crop” in LASIK surgery.  We’re pretty confident that Dr. Solomon is somewhere on that list…in fact, he may even be at the top!  If you haven’t made your decision yet, it’s time to move on to the next step.   Step 5:  The LASIK consultation. This is the step you can’t skip if you are going to have LASIK, because the results of the screening tests performed at this point will determine if you are actually a good candidate for the procedure.  Once that has been confirmed, data gathered in the course of a diagnostic evaluation will make it possible for the surgeon to plan the surgery.  This is also an opportunity to meet the surgeon’s team, ask all of your questions in person and get the answers you need to make a truly informed choice. Dr. Solomon offers a complimentary (free) consultation to determine if you are (or are not) a good candidate for LASIK.  Go to to take the LASIK quiz and schedule YOUR consultation.  You have nothing to lose, and your best possible vision to gain.

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