Is LASIK a Good Way to Correct Your Vision?

“LASIK sounds great, but is it right for me?” We hear this question all the time, and our answer is always the same. There is only one way to know for certain what LASIK can or cannot do for you, and that’s by scheduling a consultation.  You have nothing to lose by doing so, because Dr. Solomon offers a complimentary consultation, which means that it will cost you nothing to find out.   So what should you expect to happen at the consultation?  When you arrive at Dr. Solomon’s office, you will meet members of his team who will be there to care for and support you throughout the process.  They will explain the LASIK procedure and answer all of your questions. No single test or measurement can indicate whether you are an appropriate candidate for LASIK, which is why Dr. Solomon and his team employ a number of diagnostic tools to make an accurate determination.  The information gathered in the process will assist you in making an informed decision about LASIK. Why not visit to take the LASIK photo tour?  While you are there, you can also take the LASIK quiz and even schedule your complimentary LASIK consultation.  

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