Is LASIK Really All That “Expensive”? Do the Math!

“Expensive” is a relative term…it depends on what you are comparing to the cost of LASIK.  Yes, a nice dinner for two and a night out on the town may look like a bargain compared to what you would spend to have LASIK, but that event will be only a pleasant memory the next day.  The benefits of LASIK last for years, and you just might have enjoyed yourself more if you had been able to read the menu without the hassle of glasses and contacts. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have LASIK for about the same price as that evening out?  It IS possible.  Visit and check out the payment calculator to see the estimated monthly payment you could expect if you financed the procedure.  Not bad. But it gets even better when you consider that what you currently pay for contacts and lens solutions, your eyeglasses (especially if you go for designer frames), and prescription sunglasses.  When you add all up, divide by 12 to arrive at a monthly figure, and deduct that amount from the monthly payment for LASIK, you just may conclude that LASIK is nowhere near as expensive as you had thought. You don’t have to be an econ major or have an MBA to see how affordable having precision LASIK vision looks. And we haven’t even started to factor in the value of the benefits of LASIK and how long they can be expected to last…a LOT longer than the payment plan.  And, with summer here, wouldn’t it be great to be able to wear any pair of sunglasses you like? What benefits would YOU factor into the affordability equation?

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