Is LASIK Right for You?

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Some people enjoy perfect 20/20 vision from birth, but most don’t. And the fact is, there are significant compromises – both in terms of vision and lifestyle – with using corrective lenses. Which is why LASIK is so popular here in [link pid=”41″]South Carolina[/link].

If you’ve considered vision correction surgery like LASIK, you’ve probably heard about how fantastic life is with new, better vision. Ask the majority of people who’ve had it – now they experience life much like people born with perfect vision.

For those people who are good candidates, LASIK can be truly life changing. But no surgery is 100 percent perfect – LASIK is really close with a higher than 96 percent patient satisfaction rate. Taking a realistic look at LASIK includes understanding the risks and benefits and other considerations, such as these:

Your eyes will continue to change as you age and so will your vision. You may still need glasses at some point, including reading glasses after the age of 45. So going into the LASIK procedure expecting a permanent, one-time vision fix, simply isn’t realistic.

LASIK in a one-day event. LASIK is really good – spectacular for most – but it isn’t magic. While most people see better immediately after LASIK, as with any surgery, there is a recovery process. Particularly in the first few weeks after the procedure, people can experience dry eye, glare, and halos. These typically resolve as part of the healing process, but some patients may need additional treatment.  

Your health and anatomy can limit your choices in vision correction. If your corneas are too thin or irregular, if you have eye diseases like glaucoma, or autoimmune diseases like lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, you may not be a candidate for LASIK. There are also medications, like corticosteroids, that can affect the healing process, making vision correction procedures a less-than-ideal choice for you.

Understanding the realities of LASIK – or any procedure – is an important part of making an informed decision about your vision correction options. Let’s have a candid conversation and find out if LASIK is right for you and your vision.

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