LASIK: Ideal for Springtime in Charleston

[link pid=”41″]Dr. Kerry Solomon, who specializes in LASIK and cataract surgery in Charleston and Mt. Pleasant, discusses the benefits of having clear vision during springtime. [/link]

The official start of spring is nearly here, and I know I’m not the only one who’s excited for warmer weather. For men and women in the Charleston area, spring offers the long-awaited opportunity to get back on the tennis court or golf course, the excitement of uncharted sailing adventures, and a renewed appreciation for the Lowcountry’s treasured natural beauty.

Spring is also typically a busy time at my ophthalmology practice in Mt. Pleasant. While any time of year can be ideal to give yourself the gift of clear vision, the benefits of [link pid=”41″]LASIK[/link] are especially noticeable for our Charleston and Mt. Pleasant, SC patients who schedule their procedures in the months between winter and summer.

These benefits include:

  • Relief during allergy season. Right before spring, we often see an increase in LASIK requests from allergy sufferers. Contacts or glasses only compound the discomfort of irritated eyes. Our patients who choose to correct their vision through LASIK report having 1 less thing to worry about when allergies strike. However, not everyone with eye allergies is a good candidate for LASIK, especially those who suffer from dry eyes. During your consultation, we’ll want to discuss your symptoms and complete medical history to determine whether LASIK is a good fit for you.
  • A new appreciation for the great outdoors. LASIK can help you see the beauty of our local landscape in a whole new light. Whether that means you can see the stars more sharply during a camping trip or better make out the crisp ridge of our scenic peaks while hiking, LASIK is the ideal procedure for the explorer.
  • More satisfaction from your favorite activities. During spring, many of our patients are ready to jump-start their favorite physical activities, but glasses and contacts tend to get in the way. With LASIK, you can enjoy your favorite sport or hobby with less hassle, whether that means tying a fishing lure or lowering your handicap on the green.

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Benefits of LASIK during springtime

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