On-the-Job Benefits of Laser Vision Correction

On-the-job benefits of laser vision correctionIf you are considering LASIK or another laser vision correction procedure, you are likely looking forward to the everyday benefits that come with clear eyesight, including reading the time on your alarm clock when you wake up in the morning or sending text messages without relying on glasses or contacts. What you may not realize is just how much laser vision correction can impact your job performance.

Read on as top Charleston laser eye surgeon Dr. Kerry Solomon explains some of the on-the-job benefits that come with laser vision correction.

Professional Athletes

Not only do visual aids interfere with a professional athlete’s performance, they can also lead to a serious injury. Glasses can easily break while the combination of contact lenses and sweat can cause a serious eye infection. Without prescription eyewear holding them back, professional athletes (and casual exercisers) are able to focus on performing at the optimal level.

First Responders

For law enforcement, firefighters, nurses and other medical personnel, every second counts. The last thing first responders want to worry about during an emergency are glasses and contacts. Having clear vision allows them to perform their job properly and as quickly as possible when someone’s life or safety is on the line.

Military Personnel

For certain military jobs, clear vision is not only an asset but also a requirement. Poor vision or heavy dependence on prescription eyewear can limit or hinder someone’s military career. It can also disqualify a potential candidate from certain positions. After laser eye surgery, vision is clearer and the sky’s the limit for military personnel.

Office Workers

While great vision is not required for desk jobs, it can make all the difference in job performance. If you wear contacts, you may find yourself struggling to read words on your computer screen due to dry eye. Or, if you wear glasses, you may experience glare that makes it difficult to see well or concentrate on work. Laser vision correction can reduce your dependency on prescription eye wear, thereby making computer work more comfortable and productive.

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