Top LASIK Myths

Top LASIK MythsIf you are considering LASIK, you likely have started to research the procedure. But how much of the information you have read about LASIK is actually true? Top Charleston LASIK surgeon Dr. Kerry Solomon is aware that there are a number of myths and misconceptions surrounding the procedure. In this blog post, the trusted surgeon shares the truth on the top LASIK myths.

Myth #1: Anyone can get LASIK.

Not everyone is an appropriate candidate for LASIK. Candidates for LASIK are individuals that struggle with blurry vision due to specific refractive errors, including nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. In addition, patients who are under the age of 18, who are currently pregnant or nursing, or who have certain eye conditions like thin corneas are not eligible for LASIK. For some patients, Dr. Solomon may recommend an alternative procedure like PRK, Implantable Contact Lenses, or Refractive Lens Exchange.

Myth #2: LASIK can make me go blind.

To date, there is no evidence that anyone has gone blind as a result of LASIK eye surgery. LASIK has a high success rate, and serious complications are very rare. The best way to ensure successful results is to work with a board certified LASIK surgeon, like Dr. Solomon, who has years of experience.

Myth #3: I’m too old for LASIK.

There is no upper-age restriction for LASIK. In fact, the only age requirement for LASIK is that patients must be at least 18 years old. Some individuals in their 40s, 50s and beyond do undergo LASIK with successful visual results. That said, there are a number of age-related conditions (e.g., cataracts, macular degeneration) that may disqualify some individuals from getting LASIK. It is also possible that an alternative procedure, such as Refractive Lens Exchange, may be a better fit for patients who wear reading glasses or bifocals and who wish to correct both their reading and distance vision.

Myth #4: Prescription eyewear is cheaper than LASIK.

Despite its large upfront cost, LASIK can actually help you save money in the long run. Consider how much money you spend annually on prescription glasses, frames, contact lenses and cleaning supplies. When you compare the one-time cost of LASIK with the long-term cost of prescription eyewear, laser vision correction is actually the more cost-effective option.

Myth #5: LASIK is painful.

Many patients are surprised to find that they experience little to no pain or discomfort during their procedure. Dr. Solomon and his team will ensure your comfort through the use of numbing eye drops and medication to help you relax. After surgery, some patients experience a gritty or scratchy sensation, but this typically subsides within a few hours. Most of our patients report that any slight discomfort they did experience was absolutely worth it when compared with the excitement of their new, clear vision.

To learn more about LASIK, including whether you are an appropriate candidate for the procedure, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Solomon. You can contact our Charleston office by calling (843) 881-3937 or filling out our contact form online.

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