What Are Your Eyes Worth?

It can be confusing to hear mixed messages about the price of LASIK.

The truth is the national average for LASIK falls between $2,000 and $2,400 per eye. So what about those low prices? Unfortunately, the advertised price often times doesn’t represent the true cost most people pay for safe, quality LASIK.

Here’s the catch:

Technology – a less expensive LASIK procedure is unlikely to include the most advanced custom, blade-free technology that provides more predictable and accurate results and can even allow for more patients to be candidates.


What’s included – some centers will charge additional fees for necessary post-operative visits. Without proper follow-up care, you cannot ensure you will achieve your best visual outcome and most times an enhancement is also an additional cost.


Less than 1% – usually, less than 1% of patients qualify for the low price LASIK you hear advertised. That is because it only pertains to extremely low prescriptions that may not even need correction. Costs generally increase for higher correction and/or the treatment of astigmatism.

The good news is at Dr. Kerry Solomon’s LASIK Center every patient receives our signature package no matter your prescription. We also are dedicated to making quality LASIK affordable for almost any budget with 0% interest financing, savings, tax-free health & flex-spending accounts, by accepting insurance discounts and more. And when comparing the investment of LASIK to the long-term cost of contact lenses and glasses, it’s worth the lifetime of benefits!

If you are considering LASIK, your first step is to have a consultation to find out if you are a candidate. Dr. Kerry Solomon offers no obligation, complimentary consultations. Click here or call 843-732-2020 to schedule your consultation today!

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