Cool in the Shade

It’s time to take to the great outdoors and that means time for a new pair of shades. Sure, a simple pair from the drugstore can work for driving around town, but if you’re involved in any kind of summer sports, you’ll probably want a pair that fits your activity. For example, Solar Bat sunglasses are designed specifically for tennis players. The lenses in the Leverage series are designed to brighten the lines on the court and the ball. The top of the lenses is darker so players can look into the sun for overheads and serves. If boating and fishing are your picks for summer fun, check out the many varieties of Costa Sunglasses. The glasses’ glare-absorbing, anti-reflective coating and 100 percent protection against UV rays make Costas the shades of choice for many outdoorsy folks. This year, Costa partnered up with country music superstar Kenny Chesney on an exclusive line of signature sunglasses. Proceeds from the sale of Costa Kenny Chesney Limited Edition Sunglasses will benefit Coastal Conservation Association, a cause shared by Costa and Kenny. Tell us, what’s your favorite brand of sunglasses for sporting and outdoor activities? What’s important in a pair of shades for outdoor fun?

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