Who’s Your Eye Candy?

Go ahead and admit it…you know you have a little crush on Johnny Depp when he wears those dark-rimmed retro specs or maybe you like the uber-funny Tina Fey and her horn-rimmed glasses. We call those glasses-wearing celebs “eye candy.” So to have a little fun with Valentine’s Day and our favorite subject – eyes – we’re launching a Twitter promotion that asks, “Who do you think is eye candy?” Here’s how it works:

  • Think of a national or international celebrity* who wears glasses or has worn glasses as a character in a major motion picture or TV show you think is eye candy. We also will accept celebrities who have had LASIK eye surgery.
  • Tweet the following: My favorite #eyecandy is @(insert celebrity name). http://budurl.com/etme @the_eyeexpert
  • The Eye Candy promotion begins Monday, Feb. 7 and runs until midnight on Sunday, Feb. 13. You may tweet your favorite eye candy celebrity once a day to be entered into the contest. You will receive only one entry per day.
  • If your selected celebrity responds to your tweet, retweet using the #eyecandy hashtag and we’ll give you two entries.
  • On the morning of Monday, Feb. 14, one person will be randomly selected to win a prize.
  • Prize is an Eye Candy basket of candies and Valentine’s Day goodies along with a DVD or other item featuring your favorite eye candy celebrity.
  • To qualify: use the #eyecandy hashtag and @the_eyeexpert in your tweet.
  • Entrants must be followers of @the_eyeexpert on Twitter and a friend on Facebook.

Have fun and start thinking about your favorite eye candy! *Celebrities can include movie and TV stars; professional athletes; musicians; or well-known personalities (such as comedians or talk show hosts). Current and former employees of Dr. Kerry Solomon and its affiliated marketing firms are not eligible to participate.

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