The Glow of Animal Eyes

Glowing eyes in the dark – creepy or cool? That might depend on the situation in which you encounter those eyes. It is safe to say glowing animal eyes definitely get your attention. But why do some animal eyes glow in the dark? This piece from NPR’s “All Things Considered,” explains that animals that are […]

Correcting Corneal Astigmatism

If your eye is functioning properly and allowing you to see in focus that means the surface of your cornea has a spherical curve – similar to the shape of a basketball. The light rays that pass through the eye bend toward the center and allow the eye to focus on one image. For some […]

Focusing on Computer Vision

After a full day of reading or staring at the computer screen, it’s likely your eyes are feeling strained. Many of us spend a large portion of our days looking at various screens – computer, smartphone or the television. Just as important as a comfortable office chair is having an office setup that puts as […]

Keep ‘Em Covered

Mention injuries at home and the first ones to come to mind are probably things like hitting your knee on the coffee table, slipping on the porch stairs or throwing out your back lifting heavy furniture. Eye injuries may not be the first ones you think of, but almost half of the 2.5 million eye […]

Who’s Your Eye Candy?

Go ahead and admit it…you know you have a little crush on Johnny Depp when he wears those dark-rimmed retro specs or maybe you like the uber-funny Tina Fey and her horn-rimmed glasses. We call those glasses-wearing celebs “eye candy.” So to have a little fun with Valentine’s Day and our favorite subject – eyes […]

The Fast-Healing Cornea

If you’ve considered LASIK but feel a little nervous about having a procedure on your eye, it’s helpful to understand the cornea and its amazing healing power. The cornea is the outermost cover of the eye. It is durable and smooth, shielding the eye from dust, germs and other harmful material that could injure the […]

Appreciate Your Visual Memory

We often take our sight for granted. We don’t always appreciate our ability to see the faces of loved ones, the beauty of the ocean at sunset or even something as simple as the trees and houses lining the streets we take to work each day. After reading about one Colorado woman’s condition, you’ll want […]