Were You Told You Were Ineligible for LASIK in the Past?

[link pid=”41″][/link] One of my favorite conversations around vision correction surgery happens when a new patient comes in and says: “Dr. Solomon, I looked into having LASIK years ago, but they said I wasn’t a good candidate.” [link pid=”29″]My response[/link]? While it is possible you may still not be a good candidate, there have been […]

How to Become an Informed Vision Correction Patient

[link pid=”41″][/link] TV – news coverage, reality shows, etc. – tends to gloss over the facts about LASIK – making it hard for people who really want to understand the procedure. For example: On TV, it seems like everyone who wants LASIK just has it done. But the fact is, not everyone is a good […]

Is LASIK Right for You?

[link pid=”41″][/link] Some people enjoy perfect 20/20 vision from birth, but most don’t. And the fact is, there are significant compromises – both in terms of vision and lifestyle – with using corrective lenses. Which is why LASIK is so popular here in [link pid=”41″]South Carolina[/link]. If you’ve considered vision correction surgery like LASIK, you’ve […]

Can LASIK Transform Your Life?

[link pid=”41″][/link] Every day in my practice I get the tremendous satisfaction of hearing my patients tell me how LASIK has improved their quality of life. Most people who have made the choice to have LASIK will tell you it is one of the best decisions they have ever made in their lives. Patients tell […]